Passenger Bill of Rights

Today in the House of Commons, NDP MP Brian Masse (Windsor West) challenged the Conservative government to use its power to force airlines to advertise only the actual price of tickets.

“Ordinary Canadians are getting hosed,” said Masse. “It’s not fair and we want real protection for airline travelers in Canada.”

Masse suggested the current airline advertisements are gouging consumers, hiding fees and suckering unsuspecting travelers and he says the solution is already available to the government through legislation passed last year. The Minister of Transport has yet to use the authority granted to him to compel airlines to use “all-in-pricing” in advertising. Airlines in several other countries already advertise in this manner.

“Working families are sitting down to budget and plan for their summer vacations, and when flipping through the newspapers you would think there is a fire-sale on airline travel in Canada,” said Masse during Question Period in House of Commons. “That is, until travelers are confronted with a mountain of outrageous fees not listed in the enticing ads. Suddenly the planned vacation isn’t so affordable.”

Masse suggests immediately moving to implement the Travel Protection Initiatives, along with a Canadian Passenger Bill of Rights to provide necessary transparency and accountability Canadians need.

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