Inhumane Seal Hunt Continues

Harp Seal ClubbingAs the inhumane slaughter of 275,000 baby seals continues on the Canadian ice, Dr. Inge Bolin of Nanaimo has compiled this list of reasons why a humane hunt will never be possible:

1. Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn and other politicians consider the horrendous, bone-chilling slaughter you see in and hundreds of other videos and photos, as being humane.

2. It is impossible to observe and control the sealers' inhumane treatment of the animals across the immense regions where the massacre takes place.

3. The seal hunt is extremely expensive as it uses hundreds of boats, ice breakers, helicopters, rescue teams, etc. Since these costs are higher than the money earned from the sale of the seal skins, the sealers kill as many baby seals as they can within the shortest time possible. They do not wait until the seals are dead, but often start to rip off their skins while the babies are still conscious. As the brutal sealers pull their hakapiks through the tender noses of alive babies and throw them into their boats, their mothers look on in horror and so does the entire world.

4. The sealers are as brutal as their "leaders" in government. Loyola Hearn uses abusive language against any one who opposes this commercial massacre. The confiscation of Captain Paul Watson's ship and the mistreatment of its international crew is another case of Mr. Hearn's lawless behaviour. This is not new. The former Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, John Efford, was as ruthless as is Loyola Hearn. Efford addressed the Newfoundland House of Assemby in 1998 with the words: "I would like to see the 6 million seals, or whatever number is out there, killed and sold, or destroyed and burned. I do not care what happens to them. The more they kill the better I will love it". (Hartford Advocate, October 03, 2007).

5. It is extremely sad that Canada has such ruthless and untrustworthy "leaders" who do not respect life in any form. By tormenting helpless little animals, they combine cruelty with cowardice and dishonesty.

To the European Union Commissioner of the Environment, Mr Stavros Dimas: Please understand that due to this unfortunate situation in Canada, a humane hunt will never be possible. For this reason, please call for an EU-wide unconditional ban on all seal-derived products. Please help stop this heart-breaking, brutal and senseless atrocity, a disgrace to Canada and all humanity who stands by in silence. I would like to thank you in the name of all decent and compassionate people and the seals who deserve to be admired by eco-tourists instead of being tortured to death by sadistic sealers. Justice must finally prevail.

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