Public Transportation to Nanaimo

Nanaimo Bus StationWe’ve just uploaded a Transportation to Nanaimo page which explains exactly how to get here by airplane, seaplane, ferry, train, bus, or thumb. You can read about the inadequacies of public transportation from Cassidy Airport and the Duke Point Ferry Terminal and get a few tips on the various airport shuttles. The five seaplane companies currently serving Nanaimo are listed with routes, fares, and baggage limitations. Under “Ferry”, travelers without a car or someone to pick them up are warned not to use the Tsawwassen to Duke Point route. Also included on the page is information on the train and the Tofino Bus. Finally, there’s a section on how to hitchhike to or from Nanaimo.

The Getting to Nanaimo page is available in a printable version which travelers are welcome to print out and bring along. If I were writing a regular ink-and-paper travel guidebook, I’d say that even one of the tips there could save the user the entire cost of the book.

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