PreTwinkle Suzuki Violin Classes

Nanaimo Conservatory of MusicThe Nanaimo Conservatory of Music is offering a series of classes designed for children aged three to six years old to introduce the concepts and philosophies of the Suzuki violin method. Parents and children will sing songs from the Suzuki repertoire and learn how to hold the violin and bow, all in a fun and high-energy setting. This class is intended to prepare families for starting private and group violin lessons in fall 2008.

Each PreTwinkle Class will be 45 minutes long, from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm, running for 8 weeks from Saturday, April 5, to Saturday, May 24, 2008. Parent participation is mandatory in this series taught by Trish Clair Peck. The fee is $80 plus $20 registration fee, with an introductory cardboard violin and cherub bow included. Participants must also purchase the Suzuki Violin School Book 1 CD recording. This course is a great way to introduce families to the Suzuki approach and get a head start on fall violin lessons with classes for three to six year olds.

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