The $100 Tax Rebate

Save Mount BensonA Lantzville resident sent us this comment: After listening to a CBC radio host interviewing a few people about what they planned on doing with their $100 tax rebate cheque (top up my beer fridge, go out to a restaurant) I thought, what a waste. Why not use it for what it was intended? Donate it to the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust and specifically to the Mount Benson Fund. This is a win,win,win situation. Win No. 1 - You get to direct your tax money to a worthwhile cause. Win No. 2 - You will save a whole bunch of trees (and reduce your carbon footprint). Win No. 3 - You will receive a tax deduction for next year. So, PASS IT ON! Just endorse your cheque and pass it on to NALT.

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