Samantha Dickie Elusive Containment

Nanaimo Art GalleryFrom February 22 to March 22, 2008, the Nanaimo Art Gallery, Malaspina Campus Branch, 900 Fifth Street, Building 330, will host Elusive Containment, an exhibition of ceramic-based work by Whitehorse artist Samantha Dickie. This exhibition will display over fifty ceramic objects of varying shapes and sizes. Dickie creates these extraordinary vessels and structures by hand, using the techniques of coiling and slab work. Her process of stone firing each piece, instead of using traditional glazes, produces beautiful and spontaneous marks, colours and textures and creates a natural, almost ancient aesthetic.

These organic works seem to reflect past civilizations and use simple universal forms as metaphors for the human body. Dickie places particular emphasis on the notion of containment as it relates to physical space and time. She explains that "the forms in elusive containment are simple, to allow the integrity of the space inside to unfold. I seek to uphold the natural qualities of the clay - rough, raw, tactile, and imperfect. The notion of containment, inherent in the vessel, can be used as a metaphor simply because the interior space is elusive".

Samantha Dickie's exhibition will be on display at the campus gallery until March 22, 2008. The opening reception is Friday, February 22, 2008, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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