Real Estate Open Houses

Jerin Dobson of Sold in 90 Days sent me the following insights on real estate open houses:

Why do we have them? Because we want you as a customer. Why do you go to them? Because you want to look at houses without committing to one agent. If you go to open houses you may recognise the following conversation:

Realtor: Hi, I'm Joe Realtor.
Lookiloo: Uh.. Bob. (reluctantly shakes hands).
Realtor: So you live in the area?
Lookiloo: Yeah.
Realtor: Thinking of moving?
Lookiloo: Uh...dono maybe.
Realtor: (with suave smile) Well maybe I can help.
Lookiloo: ...........
Realtor: How about if I just call you when I see something you might like?
Lookiloo: Well...uh.... I'm really just ah....

Solution? Remember we agents view you as a potential client, and we have bills to pay. Just like a nine to five job, and we hope to get back what we put in. That doesn't mean we expect to get a deal every time someone walks through the door, but the more you ask of us the more we expect or at least hope for compensation.

When the realtor introduces him/herself just say, Hi I'm so and so. I already have an agent but I think I may be interested in this house. Is it alright if I look around?

It's really tough to say no to someone who is friendly and polite, besides maybe you'll buy the house. Its simple. Skip the sales pitch and look at the house. Who knows, if you like the agent you may choose to do business with them later.

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