Gabriola Acoustic Open Stage

Penny Sidor’s next Gabriola Island musical smorgasbord takes place on Saturday, February 9, 2008. They've moved the location to the Women's Institute Hall, still just a walk up the hill from the ferry, on the left past the streetlight, the phone booth, and the post office. You can't miss it.

This Open Stage attracts a range of musicians - from blues to Celtic, from 'trad anon' to improv, from novice to expert. The stage has also been graced with storytellers, poets and spoken word aficionados. It's a welcoming, supportive atmosphere where you're bound to find friends and creative inspiration. The next gathering will be hosted by SKWEEZ - Judith Heather and Rich Williams, who sing traditional songs in beautiful harmony and play European tunes on their various accordions and squeeze boxes. They're terrific - a very special treat.

It's an ongoing party, the second Saturday of each month (February 9, March 8, etc.), at 7:30 pm, admission $4 and a quick pass the hat if they don't quite make the rent. (Performers' signup/warmup/tuneup 7:00 pm, no admission.) For more information, call Penny Sidor at (250) 247-7344.

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