MoneySavers of the Year

Betty Bestwick and Alec PenmanYesterday the Mid-Island MoneySaver ShareClub held its annual awards luncheon at the ABC Country Restaurant on Mary Ellen Drive in North Nanaimo. Each year the ShareClub organizes a contest in which each of the three dozen local members selects four investment instruments, be they Canadian or US common or preferred stock, trusts, or partnership units. A sum of $100,000 is allocated to each portfolio, and each investment must be a minimum of 10 percent (i.e. $10,000) but not more than 50 percent ($50,000) of the portfolio. No money is involved – it’s just a training exercise.

This year’s In-House Stock Picker of the Year was the ShareClub’s ex-president, Betty Bestwick, whose four-stock portfolio earned an impressive 63.70 percent in 2007. Betty’s top investment was the Aluminum Corporation of China (ACH) which was up 124.67 percent. Her other choices were China Mobile Ltd. (CHL) up 88.23 percent, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) up 45.09 percent, and Uranium One (UUU) down 3.20 percent. The first three equities trade on the New York Stock Exchange while UUU trades in Toronto. In our photo Betty is seen receiving the trophy clock from ShareClub president Alec Penman. Congratulations Betty!

At the same luncheon ShareClub member Bart Jessup was named MoneySaver of the Year for his beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts in instructing other members in the art of investing. Bart’s Prudent Investor Model and Technical Analysis couses were well attended in 2007.

To acknowledge the Mid-Island ShareClub's 10th anniversary, one of the ShareClub's founder members, Alex Kobelak, was named MoneySaver of the Decade and presented a food hamper in recognition of his enormous contribution over that period.

The Mid-Island MoneySaver ShareClub is loosely affiliated with the Canadian Moneysaver , a monthly magazine which has been providing independent personal finance advice since 1981. It’s excellent value at $24.95 a year and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a financially secure future.

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