Nanaimo Hotel Reviews

Grand Hotel NanaimoI've created a new page on to index my Nanaimo hotel reviews. I'm hoping to add more Nanaimo hotels and motels to the list very soon, although reviewing hotels isn't as easy as doing restaurant reviews. One can sit in a restaurant and take notes while having lunch, but checking out a hotel isn't quite as simple.

Except in large hotels like the Coast Bastion, anyone snooping around is soon noticed by staff and the hotel people can become rather suspicious if you tell them you're researching a guide. Most hoteliers prefer paid advertising over independent reviews, and I've found that some just freeze and refuse to answer any further questions if you tell them what you're doing. It's rather silly, I know, because being uncooperative seldom earns one any kudos, but that's the way it is.

I should say here that no one is paying me to post information on this blog. When I review a restaurant, I pay my bill as I leave. And even though the mystery shopper approach isn't the easiest way to go, I plan to continue arriving at hotels and restaurants unexpected and invited. IMHO, companies soliciting business from the general public deserve this sort of scrutiny.

That said, if anyone out there has any feedback on what they read here, I'd be grateful if you sent it directly to me using the “Contact Us” link on this page. I'll enter corrections, adjustments, and updates as required. And if any Nanaimo innkeepers reading this would care to provide information about their properties, I invite them to email me their names and numbers and I'll call back. No charge.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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