Sandys Kitchen Nanaimo

Sandy KosolowskyAbout the best place in Nanaimo to enjoy a real homecooked Ukrainian meal is Sandy's Ukrainian Kitchen, 21b Nicol St. next to Second Hand Sandy's. Owner Sandy Kosolowsky is an ex-Manitoban with a sense of humor as broad as the steppes of the Ukraine, and her perogies, holubtsi, nalysnyky, kobasa, and borsch as good as anything you can get in Kiev or Lvov, maybe better.

The Ukrainian crepes and borsch soup make great appetizers, then there's a choice of potato cheese, sauerkraut, and meat perogies. Add cabbage rolls and an extra pork sausage, or take a combo of six perogies, one cabbage roll, and half a sausage. You can also get chicken in tomato basil garlic sauce. Most meals are under $10. Frozen perogies are also available by the dozen for takeout.

Not only is the food tasty and good, but you'll like the simple Ukrainian d├ęcor with embroidered tableclothes and colorful ceramic plates on the walls. A few stuffed chickens pear down from a high shelf and strings of garlic hang over the counter. Watch your language as Sandy's rolling pin has more than one use! Sandy's Ukrainian Kitchen is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. It's just up Nicol St. from the Port Place Mall.

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