Spend Smarter Save Bigger

Spend Smarter Save BiggerMuch has been written about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save our environment. Well, a new book by Ontario author Margot Bai, Spend Smarter, Save Bigger, provides many practical tips for Canadians looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses and consumption without having to make large lifestyle sacrifices. Written in an accessible, personal style, this is probably the best financial planning book you'll ever buy.

Through living within their means, investing prudently, and avoiding waste, Margot and her husband James plan to retire in their fifties. Reading the book, you get the feeling that by following Margot's examples, almost any Canadian couple can do it. You don't need to have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth or to be some sort of genius.

Many of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger's secrets of achieving financial freedom are freely accessible on the author's website. The book is well worth the $22.50 you'll pay to order an autographed copy online. Margot Bai also writes for the Canadian Moneysaver, a magazine I devour each month. The Mid-Island Moneysaver Shareclub with members in Nanaimo, Parksville, and Qualicum Beach is loosely affiliated to the magazine.

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