Nanaimo Parks Poorly Protected

Few Nanaimo residents are aware that most of the city parks they use and love are poorly protected in law. Of Nanaimo’s considerable inventory of parks, just eleven mostly small neighbourhood parks are currently "dedicated" under City Bylaw 2255 (1980) and thus full protected:

Cinnabar Valley Park
Colliery Dam Park
Departure Bay Centennial Park
Diver Lake Park
Elaine Hamilton Park (former Crofton Park)
Gyro 1 Playground
Harewood Centennial Park
Harewood Reservoir Park
Piper Park
Pleasant Valley Park
Robins Park

A referendum would be required to close any of these parks to make way for development, but the balance of our parks are vulnerable to changes in use by City Council without public consultation. Major parks like Neck Point, Pipers Lagoon, Cottle Lake, Westwood Lake, Chase River Estuary, Maffeo Sutton, Beban, and Bowen could see their territory reduced or wiped out entirely at the stroke of a pen.

Nanaimo City Councillor Loyd Sherry has questioned why all Nanaimo parks don’t have "dedicated" status. Nanaimo residents who appreciate their parks should be asking the other seven city councillors and Mayor Gary Korpan the same question.

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