Cactus Club Cafe Nanaimo

Cactus Club CafeOne of north Nanaimo's coolest eating and drinking venues is the Cactus Club Cafe in Northridge Plaza, 5800 Turner Road just off Island Highway North. It's part of an upscale restaurant chain that stretches from Victoria to Calgary. There's an active singles scene at the long semicircular bar to the right as you enter, while hip young couples order meals and drinks at the tables. The serving staff are attired in cocktail party garb, and this would be a good place to show off those fancy duds.

The Cactus Club menu is built around fish, chicken, ribs, and pasta. The Club is famous for its steaks, and no West Coast menu of this kind would be complete without quesadillas and fajitas. There's a large selection of dim sum, starters, greens, and bowls if you're looking for finger food.

A unique feature of the Nanaimo Cactus Club is the German-style ceramic fireplace (pictured here) in the center of the restaurant. The big television screens give this place a sports bar feel, but it's all quite chic. The Cactus Club crowd is a little younger than the clientele at the Longwood Brewpub just across Turner Road in Longwood Station. Both serve the affluent denizens of north Nanaimo very well. The Cactus Club Cafe is open Monday to Thursday from 11 am to midnight, Saturday from 11 am to 1 am, and Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm.

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