Harpers Broken Promises

New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton has challenged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to own up to his broken promises, tone down the election rhetoric, and get back to work for ordinary Canadians.

"I'm surprised to see the prime minister traveling the country claiming he has kept his promises. He hasn't. On issue after issue this prime minister has simply claimed he kept his word. The facts tell a very different tale."

Layton cited five specific promises that Harper has failed to live up to:

Wait Times: Conservatives promised a comprehensive wait times guarantee. They told Canadians that it wouldn't be delayed. But the money that Harper has announced is far short of what was promised in the 2006 election platform.

Child care spaces: Conservative promised ordinary Canadians 25,000 new spaces each year, 125,000 spaces over five years, at a cost of $250 million a year. Not a single space has been created.

Veterans: Stephen Harper pledged that he would immediately extend the veterans' benefits program to their widows. The prime minister has failed to live up to this promise and the Conservatives voted against an NDP bill to extend these very same veterans' benefits.

Police: The Conservative Party platform promised "to put at least 2,500 more police on the beat." Yet Canadian Police Associations all confirm that our cities and communities are still waiting for these police officers to start working our streets.

Equalization: In his rush to clear the decks before an election, the prime minister has also provoked a stand-off with three provinces – Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan - with his foolish claim that the ongoing equalization fight is over.

"Instead of showing off the Conservative election bunker, the government should be explaining to Canada's hard-working families why our kids have no new child care spaces and why the front line police they promised still haven't shown up in our communities," said Layton, who also pointed to the ongoing fight on the fiscal imbalance as evidence that the prime minister needs to get back to work.

"The prime minister has said many times he doesn't want an election. It's hard to believe him when he rushes half-baked so-called kept promises out the door while simultaneously sending out his deputies to rattle the election cage. We need to get back to work for ordinary Canadians."

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