Mount Benson Fundraising Continues

Mount Benson Fundraising CampaignThe Nanaimo and Area Land Trust has given the Regional District of Nanaimo a cheque for $237,500, the first instalment on NALT’s fifty percent contribution to the $950,000 purchase price of 212 hectares of land at the summit of Mount Benson. Despite a major fundraising event at the Coast Bastion Inn on February 17, 2007, NALT was still $50,000 short of raising the $237,000 it had agreed to pay the RDN this week, and the shortfall had to be covered by arranging a line of credit. This loan must now be repaid before funds can begin accumulating to cover the second instalment of NALT’s share of the total cost of the mountain top.

Mount Benson is Nanaimo’s trademark mountain, the backdrop to the city. Until NALT launched their Save Mount Benson campaign, the mountain was threatened by unsightly logging. By agreeing to partner with NALT, the Regional District of Nanaimo has laid the groundwork for a splendid regional park where hikers will be able to enjoy one of the best climbs on Vancouver Island from the comfort of the city. Nanaimo residents looking for a worthy cause to support with their tax-deductible donations would be hard pressed to find a more environmentally-friendly cause than this. To donate, visit the NALT Stewardship Centre at 140 Wallace Street or tel. (250) 714-1990.

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