Kip Wood for Nanaimo-Alberni

Kip WoodKip Wood, a well-known teacher and coach in school district No. 68, has put his name forward in a bid to win the New Democratic Party nomination for candidacy in the Nanaimo-Alberni Federal constituency. Wood joins Zeni Maartman in the race to replace Conservative backbencher James Lunney in Ottawa.

Wood has taught in Nanaimo for seventeen years, at John Barsby Community School and at present at Woodlands Secondary. He has been politically active in the Nanaimo District Teachers' Association and has served in various capacities on the NDTA executive and in leadership roles within his schools. He presently serves on the Nanaimo, Duncan, and District Labour Council.

“I have spent my entire career defending and supporting the rights of students, colleagues, and public education. I believe it's time I use my advocacy skills to speak up for people in our society.”

Wood believes that the political process needs to be more inclusive. He supports a vibrant and sustainable economy that benefits all members of society. He rejects the idea that a strong economy has to compromise the protection of the environment. Wood acknowledges that Canada needs to retain a public healthcare system and re-establish an independent foreign policy.

Kip Wood lives on MacIsaac Drive in the Uplands neighbourhood of North Nanaimo. He and his wife Denise have an eleven-year-old daughter.

Update: On April 22, 2007, the Nanaimo-Alberni Federal NDP Riding Association held a nominating convention at the Parksville Community Centre and Zeni Maartman was selected to represent the party in the next federal election.

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