Antifreeze and Your Pets

It's not well known that most of the antifreeze used in motor vehicles worldwide poses a deadly threat to both family pets and wildlife. The yellowish-green liquid often leaks from radiators or is spilled as the level is topped up. To cats and dogs, antifreeze tastes sweet and good, and some unfortunate animals lap up the pubbles, only to die a horrible death from this toxic poison 48 hours later. Other times, an animal will happen to walk over the spill and will meet the same terrible fate after licking its paws clean.

Fortunately there is a pet-friendly antifreeze on the market made with propylene glycol. It works just as well, is biodegradable and recyclable, and far less toxic to animals and birds. It's only a few dollars more expensive than toxic antifreeze and is sold in containers marked “pet-safe,” “animal-friendly,” or “low tox.”

Today Scott Fraser, the NDP member from Alberni-Qualicum, will table a private member's bill in the British Columbia Legislature calling for a ban on poisonous ethylene glycol antifreeze. To find out how you can support Scott's effort, go to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website. It provides a sample letter to send to Premier Gordon Campbell.

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