Snow Blankets Nanaimo

Nanaimo under snowFor the past two weeks Nanaimo and vicinity have been covered in a deep blanket of snow. This has been the snowiest November on record with 56 centimetres falling over the weekend of November 25-27. Thankfully, it's presently melting. In all, 410.4 millimetres of rain descended in November 2006, the most in any month. The 27.2 millimetres we got on November 5 made it Nanaimo's rainiest day. November 6 and 7 saw temperatures of 16 degrees centigrade, a record for those two days. The rain continued with high winds, then a cold front drifted south from the arctic turning the rain into bumper snowfalls. We're now recovering from these events and hope the rest of the winter will be the usual damp and mild.

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