Royal BC Museum Victoria

Anyone planning to visit Victoria next week might like to know that the Royal British Columbia Museum is allowing admission by donation from Tuesday, January 2, 2007, to Tuesday, January 9. It's about your only chance to see the Royal BC Museum without paying a stiff $15 per person as the discounts and two-for-one coupons offered by other Victoria attractions are usually not available here.

The Royal BC Museum is not included in the See Vancouver and Beyond Smartvisit Card which costs $119/149/219 for two/three/five days (or $79/99/149 for kids under 16). You can use the Smartvisit Card at around 50 other attractions in Vancouver and Victoria, but none in Nanaimo. Frankly, I think the See Vancouver and Beyond Smartvisit Card is way overpriced. Compare it to the Carte Musees et Monuments which provides free admission to the 65 top museums in Paris, France. All for 30/45/60 euros for two/four/six days, which works out to $45/68/90 Canadian! Wasn't Europe supposed to be expensive? Or are the people running the Smartvisit Card program just too greedy?

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