2007 Nanaimo Water Use Restrictions

This week the City of Nanaimo mailed me the 2007 Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule. As usual, the Schedule announces “off and even day water use restrictions” for the months of June, July, August, and September, Nanaimo's “dry season”. During those months, you can only use a sprinkler to water your lawn on odd days if your property has an odd street number or on even days if your street number is even.

With all the rain and snow we've had recently, I'm actually looking forward to our annual drought. Spring is a wonderful time in Nanaimo with the flowers blossoming, the trees blooming, and the grass growing green and full. By summer, the younger folk will be busy unrolling their tents while the rest of us head out in all directions to enjoy the beauty of our island.

Returning to the summer water restrictions, I'm left wondering what plans the city has to expand our water reservoirs. Nanaimo's population is projected to increase 50 percent over the next few decades, and the region's rainfall is unlikely to keep pace. In fact, Nanaimo has begun selling water to Lantzville, reducing the city's supply even more. Anyone interested in water politics and the municipal corruption it sometimes spawns will enjoy the 1975 Jack Nicholson film Chinatown.

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